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Today’s Top Pick is a 1972 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub.

Thousands of student pilots learned to fly in Piper Cubs and their close relatives ranging from early J-series versions to PA-11s and 12s. Among this extended family of aircraft, the PA-18 Super Cub is the king, the matriarch, the alpha. It is rare for a machine so outwardly modest to command such respect, but this rag-and-tube taildragger has one of the most legendary reputations in general aviation.

While many people think of the J-3 as the essential Cub, the PA-18 is the version most pilots long to fly because of its capabilities. While not grossly overpowered, the PA-18 was one of the first basic civilian light aircraft of its time to have a true excess of power—enough to allow it to do impressive things such as operating from remote strips that seemed impossibly short. This rugged, reliable airplane adapted well to life in the field and helped make bush pilots’ lives a bit easier and more productive.

Today the Super Cub is as desirable as ever as pilots of a certain age or with a certain set of values seek to revisit the early years of general aviation by traveling the backcountry and visiting out-of-the-way airstrips and camps where typical GA aircraft do not tread. An aftermarket offering specialized wheels, tires, floats, skis, engine mods and other equipment developed around the Super Cub so pilots can equip their Cubs based on specific needs.

An airplane like this makes it easy to imagine flying low over a forest canopy, spotting a short, rough strip through an opening in the trees, and telling yourself, “no problem.”

This 1972 Super Cub has 1,996 hours on the airframe and its Lycoming O-320-A2B engine. The engine received a top overhaul 754 hours ago. The panel features basic analog VFR avionics. Additional equipment includes M1800 aircraft snow skis from Aero Ski Manufacturing Co.

Pilots seeking a grassroots flying experience that includes exploring short-field and off-airport destinations with a sectional chart in hand should consider this classic Super Cub, which is available for $110,000 on AircraftForSale.

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