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Today’s Top Pick is a 1974 Cessna 182P Skylane.

Pilots often recommend the Cessna 182 Skylane to friends shopping for a capable personal aircraft that can carry a family of four to exciting destinations in comfort and at decent speeds. The 182 is the epitome of an all-arounder, performing most missions well. For those who trained in Cessna 150s and 172s, the transition to the high-performance Skylane tends to be a smooth one.

When I began looking for an airplane, members of my airport community shared their short lists of candidates. The 182 usually was at the top. While I wound up taking a different route with a Rockwell Commander, I still consider the Cessna a great choice, having flown in several examples. Indeed, at least two other pilots who were shopping at the same time bought Skylanes, one of which is parked in a hangar next to ours.

This 1974 Skylane has 5,970 hours on the airframe and 675 hours on the Continental O-470R engine since overhaul in 2014. Its McCauley propeller has been in service for 805 hours since overhaul. The airplane also has a new throttle cable, new rear window, and long-range fuel tanks.

The panel features a Garmin 340A audio panel, GNS 530W GPS/Nav/Com, GNX 375 W GPS transponder with ADS-B In and Out, and Garmin 255A com and dual G5s. 

Pilots looking for a straightforward traveling aircraft that does most things well, from load carrying capacity to short-field prowess, should consider this 1974 Cessna 1982P Skylane, which is available for $169,000 on AircraftForSale.

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