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Today’s Top Pick is a 1976 North American Navion.

North American Aviation began marketing its high-performance, four-seat Navion just after World War II. Like many aircraft manufacturers, the company expected a boom in sales of GA aircraft that did not develop as quickly or intensely as anticipated.

Still, the Navion, an especially good-looking and accommodating airplane, developed a following among civilian and military customers.

Ryan Aeronautical Co.  acquired the design from North American and built hundreds of Navions. The aircraft passed through a number of companies over the decades since their introduction.

Navions are known for being well-built and rugged and can represent a good value for aircraft shoppers in today’s market. The airplane possesses a pleasant combination of climb and cruise performance with comfort for passengers and several features that pilots like, such as easy handling and comfort on long trips.

This 1976 North American Navion has 4,410 hours on the airframe and 710 hours on its Continental IO-520BA and McCauley three-blade propeller. The engine features a VAR crank, GAMI injectors, Tanis heater, and fine wire plugs. The panel features King Silver Crown avionics with a KFC 200 autopilot, Tailbeacon ADS-B, Stratus 2S, and JPI-700 engine monitor with fuel flow.

Pilots looking for a practical classic light aircraft from the same company that brought us the P-51 Mustang and the AT-6 Texan, should consider this North American Navion, which is available for $135,000 on AircraftForSale.

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