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Today’s Top Pick is a 1981 Beechcraft Baron E55

When Beechcraft introduced the Baron in 1961, it finally had a model that could compete directly with Cessna’s light twin, the 310. Earlier Beech twins such as the Travel Air and Twin Bonanza had not gained the broad appeal that the Baron would soon enjoy. The difference was power. The Baron 55, essentially a Bonanza with two engines, was a stunning performer with climb rate and load carrying performance that attracted buyers.

Later versions of the Baron, including the stretched 58 and pressurized P model, increased the aircraft’s performance and versatility, but many pilots are particularly fond of the original 55 configuration, sometimes called the “short” Baron, for its excess of power and sporty handling. Unlike some earlier light twins, Barons had enough power to climb and continue the mission on a single engine. This capability added to the aircraft’s appeal for pilots who considered the second engine a safety feature, especially for pilots who regularly fly at night, over water and over mountainous terrain.

This 1981 Baron has 5,000 hours on the airframe and 900 hours on each engine since overhaul. The panel includes a Garmin GTN 750 GPS Nav/Com, Garmin G5, GTX 345R transponder, S-TEC autopilot, electric trim, two USB ports and a JPI 700 engine monitor.

Pilots looking for a comfortable, high-performance aircraft for family or business transport, with the added security of a second engine, should consider this 1981 Beechcraft Baron E55, which is available for $310,000 on AircraftForSale.

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