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Today’s Top Pick is a 2000 Micco SP20.

Aircraft designer Al Meyers is renowned for building the Meyers 200, a legendary four-seat retractable that debuted in the mid-1950s with looks and performance that would dazzle the aviation community for decades to come.

The 200 evolved from a smaller Meyers model called the MAC-145, a two-seater that set a number of speed records for its category. The Micco SP20 for sale here essentially is a remake of the MAC-14.

While the Micco SP20 makes an excellent traveling aircraft for two people who want to reach destinations quickly, it was developed in part with pure enjoyment in mind. For pilots who feel the aviation industry has focused too intensely on moving efficiently between points A and B, the notion of flying strictly for fun can be especially appealing.

Those with less-specific travel plans who are more interested in chasing good times are among the target audience for the Micco SP20. For those seeking even livelier performance with more aerobatic capability, Micco built the SP26, a 260 hp evolution of the earlier aircraft.

Pilots looking for a light, speedy two-seat retractable aircraft with an interesting lineage that provides impressive, economical performance should consider this 2000 Micco SP20, which is available for $94,500 on AircraftForSale.

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