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Today’s Top Pick is a 2007 Diamond DA42.

Ever since its debut in the early 2000s, the Diamond DA42 light twin has attracted the interest of flight schools seeking economical multiengine trainers. They are also attractive to individual private pilots who wish to move up to the light twin category while keeping operating costs under control.

The aircraft’s diesel engines are a focal point, especially for operators who prefer jet fuel over avgas. The DA42, with its composite structure, advanced avionics, and other modern features, also offers pilots the added sense of security that comes with a relatively new airframe and low hours.

For private pilots who regularly use their aircraft for business or long-distance family travel, possibly over long stretches of water or mountainous terrain, having a second engine can be an added measure of security worth contemplating. The DA42’s relative fuel efficiency, forgiving handling characteristics and impressive all-around performance make it a strong candidate for anyone seeking a capable personal aircraft.        

This 2007 DA42 has 950 hours on the airframe and on both Continental CD135 engines and MT composite propellers since new.

The panel features the Garmin G1000-integrated glass cockpit with dual GDU 1040s with 10-inch screens for PFD and MFD, GEA 71 airframe/engine interface unit, dual GIA 63 Nav/Com/GPS radios, GMA 1347 digital audio system, GTX 345R transponder with ADS-B In and Out, GRS 77 AHRS, GMU 44 magnetometer, GDC 74 air data computer, WX500 StormScope, and Avidyne TAS 60X active traffic.

Additional equipment includes a TKS deicing system, oxygen system, long-range fuel tanks, lightning protection system, HID landing and taxi lights, and automatic three-point safety belts on all four seats.

Pilots looking for a modern, economical light twin for travel or training should consider this 2007 Diamond DA42, which is available for $495,000 on AircraftForSale.

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