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Today’s Top Pick is a 2016 Cessna TTx T240.

Some people might still mistake the Cessna TTx for a Cirrus when they see it on the ramp, but pilots who are familiar with trends in aviation and new-model development can easily tell the two apart. Still, comparisons of the sleek, composite competitors tend to dominate the conversation.

Fans of the Cessna, which began as a Lancair design called the Columbia, point to its superior speed while critics focus on its lack of an airframe parachute. Indeed, many agree that the Cessna could not truly compete with the Cirrus without that high-profile safety feature.

Not every pilot wants a parachute built into their airplane, though, and for those who would rather forsake the chute and enjoy livelier performance, the TTx could be the ideal traveling machine. The fact that the TTx evolved from a family of fast homebuilt aircraft is part of the attraction for airplane shoppers who do not want to fly the same model that everyone else seems to own.  

This 2016 Cessna TTx T240 has 850 hours on the airframe and its 310 hp Continental TSIO-550 engine. The aircraft is equipped with a Reiff engine preheater and winterization kit, and a hot prop.

The panel features the Garmin G2000 Intrinzic Cockpit with WAAS, GMA 36 remote digital audio panel with marker beacon and intercom, dual 14-inch PFD and MFD with a GTC 570 touchscreen controller, dual GRS 77 AHRS, GDL 69 flight information system with Sirius XM radio, traffic and weather, dual Garmin 10-watt high-output comms and a four-place intercom.

Additional equipment includes Rosen sun visors, Precise Flight speedbrakes, a built- in four-place oxygen system, carbon monoxide detector and pulse oximeter, and Oregon Aero Sport seats.

Pilots looking for a modern, composite piston single with remarkable cruising speed should consider this 2016 Cessna TTx T240, which is available for $745,000 on AircraftForSale.

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