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Today’s Top Pick is a 2023 BRM Aero Bristell LSA.

When the FAA established the light sport aircraft category in 2004, its rules appeared to emphasize limitations. Light sport airplanes would be lighter, smaller, and less powerful than traditional light aircraft and would have relatively modest performance and range. The BRM Aero Bristell was among a group of sleek two-seaters that reached cruising speeds comparable to those of bigger airplanes, and often even faster.

Because of its speed and styling, pilots have compared the BRM Aero Bristell with the fast-flying Cirrus SR 22. When judged on speed and efficiency this LSA is a worthy rival to traditional fast four-seat retractables such as the Beechcraft Bonanza, and modern composite machines like the Cirrus.

If we had to pick one thing about the BRM Aero Bristell that sets it apart from other light sport models it would be its capability as a traveling airplane. For a long time light sport airplanes were defined by their limited range that made them impractical for long-distance travel. The Bristell is a departure, with turbocharged power that allows it to climb high quickly and cover vast distances. 

This 2023 BRM Aero Bristell has five hours on the airframe and its turbocharged, 140 hp Rotax 915iS engine. The panel features dual Garmin G3X Touch 10-inch screens, GNX 375 GPS, GTR 20R remote-mounted com radio and Garmin autopilot.

Pilots interested in high-performance climb rates and cruising speeds in a compact light sport package should consider this 2023 Aero Bristell, which is available for $410,574 on AircraftForSale.

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