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Today’s Top Pick is a 2019 Stemme S12.

I have thought many times about adding a glider rating to my pilot certificate, but certain details about gliding, such as dealing with towplanes and off-airport landings, have kept me from pursuing the idea any further. I know I am not alone with this internal conflict. Could a motorglider solve the problem?

Stemme is renowned for its high-performance, powered gliders that give pilots more control over their soaring experience, allowing them to forsake the towplane and travel farther in search of lift. Having an engine at your disposal also means you have the option of going around if things go wrong during the approach. In addition, the company unveiled an electric-powered motorglider in 2021. Perhaps the most notable feature of Stemme aircraft is the way their power systems are integrated. The aircraft’s nose cone moves forward to reveal the propeller, which folds away when not in use.

This two-seat Stemme S12 has 501 hours on the airframe and 134 hours on its Rotax 914 engine. The glider’s avionics include a Garmin Aera 660 GPS, Becker radio, ADS-B, LX9070 flight computer, V8 variometer, ClearNav variometer, dual oxygen bottles, fuel flow indicator, flap indicator, Dynon EFIS, SiriusXM weather, and autopilot for use during powered flight.

Pilots who have often looked longingly into the sky at high-performance gliders circling overhead, but are concerned about the prospect of relying on thermals to get back to the airport, might have found the right combination in this 2019 Stemme S12, which is available for $410,000 on AircraftForSale.

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