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Today’s Top Pick is a 2008 Daher-SOCATA TBM 850

The six-seat TBM series of turboprop singles garnered acclaim as one of the fastest turboprop-driven personal aircraft available and as an aspirational goal for pilots looking to advance in the ranks of general aviation performance. These aircraft are also known for their thoughtful, efficient design and attractive lines that demand attention on the ramp.

I recall poking my head through the open air-stair door of a TBM like this one that was on display at a fly-in several years back. Its beautifully trimmed cabin seemed luxurious and vast—and it was, compared with the well-worn Cessna 172 I was flying at the time. 

This 850 has 1,117 hours on the airframe and its Pratt & Whitney PT6-66D engine, and it has recorded 767 landings. The panel is highlighted by a Garmin G1000 NXi integrated flight deck with dual Garmin GDU 1050A 10-inch PFDs and a GDU 1550 15-inch MFD. Other features include four-color radar, SiriusXM weather and synthetic vision. The autopilot includes a Garmin GMC 710 mode controller with GTA 82 yaw autotrim.

Pilots who want to climb above 20,000 feet and cruise at more than 300 ktas while transporting family, friends, or business associates in pressurized comfort should consider this TBM 850, which is available for $2,495,000 on AircraftForSale.

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