Turkey flew the prototype of its indigenous “fifth generation” fighter for the second time on Sunday and it stayed in the air for 14 minutes, beating the first flight of the prototype, which took place Feb. 21, by a minute. “The impending comprehensive flight tests will not only ask questions but will also provide vital responses,” a government statement said.

The KAAN, which looks like the offspring of an F-35 and F-22, will be able to carry a full suite of weapons for air-to-ground, air-to-air and air-to-ship operations. Although it’s billed as a home-growng airplane, it’s mainly a collection of systems bought from foreign companies, including the engines, which are made by GE. Turkey and Rolls-Royce are working on a joint venture to power the planes but all the prototypes and the first production aircraft will have GE F110 engines.

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