It’s highly unusual for people on the ground to be injured by an airplane crash or emergency landing. But it does happen.

Yesterday (April 1), two pedestrians on a walking trail less than a half-mile from the Delaware County Regional Airport in Muncie, Indiana, were injured by a single-engine Piper that came down short of the landing runway. It’s unclear whether the walkers were struck by aircraft debris or, possibly, branches from trees, according to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department. The two on the ground and the sole-occupant pilot were transported to local hospitals with unknown injuries, according to local news reports, though the town of Muncie reportedly announced early on that all three suffered serious injuries.

Chief Deputy Jeff Stanley of the Sheriff’s Department, said, “That’s a bad day. They’re out doing some exercise, going for a walk, and the next thing you know they’re being struck by a plane. It’s very unfortunate. We’re praying for the best for everyone involved.”

Airport manager Tim Baty told the news sources that the Piper was inbound to the airport and crashed less than a mile from the runway. The accident occurred at 10:26 a.m., he said.

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