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Aviation instrument maker uAvionix said it has added digital autopilot and external magnetometer interface capabilities to its AV-30-E multimode indicator for experimental aircraft.

The Bigfork, Montana, company said the AV-30-E’s ability to control an autopilot’s heading, altitude, and vertical speed makes it a well-integrated replacement for traditional attitude indicators and directional gyros. The AV-30-E works with modern digital autopilots, which simplifies its installation.

The company said a no-cost software upgrade is available now for the non-certified AV-30-E. The upgrade supports TruTrak Vizion 385 and Vizion PMA, and BendixKing xCruze 100 and AeroCruze 100 autopilots. Other autopilots, including the Trio Pro Pilot, are undergoing testing.

Certification is also underway for the autopilot interface to be used in the AV-30-C, uAvionix’s multimode indicator for certificated aircraft. The company said it is also continuing to develop interface adaptors for analog autopilots.

In addition to autopilot interface capabilities, the AV-30 series will soon be able to support an external magnetometer from uAvionix called the AV-Mag. The magnetometer helps increase performance and reduce the pilot’s workload through magnetically slaved DG operation.

Earlier this month uAvionix, which is also known for its years of work in unmanned aircraft systems and their integration in national airspace, announced its acquisition by private equity firm DC Capital Partners. The move was meant in part to help uAvionix intensify its development programs.

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