The Allied Pilots Association has produced an unusual You Tube video that seems to try to rally support for improved working conditions but instead is facing some backlash. In the video, a senior captain meets his fresh-from-training first officer and tells her their schedule has been changed and their new flights will infringe on their days off. He also says its the fourth such schedule upheaval in a row for him and that it will be up to the pilots to contact a hotel for their layover.

The commercial-length video alludes to the many cancellations and delays that have plagued the industry as it comes back from the pandemic slowdown. “Our passengers deserve better and so do we,” says the captain. The young FO seems taken aback at the scheduling issues and text on the screen raises the question of whether the next generation of pilots will want to work for American.

Some of the initial comments on YouTube dismiss the complaints as whining while others suggest it’s an attempt, although a somewhat hamhanded one, at shining light on the issue of pilot fatigue in the face of the pilot shortage. American hasn’t commented on the video.

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