It would appear some good old Yankee (and Ukrainian) ingenuity has gone into the apparently successful integration of the digitally dependent Raytheon AGM-88 high-speed anti-radiation missile (HARM) into the completely analog MiG-29s of the Ukrainian air force. The potent weapon, which is designed to home in on and take out radar-guided surface-to-air missiles, is now being used by UAF pilots to clear the way for air strikes against the Russians. And it would appear the solution was some off-the-shelf avionics found in your average Cessna 172.

Along with video of the missiles leaving the rails of the MiG-29, the footage released by the Ukrainians shows a shot of the cockpit sporting a portable GPS. Although no details have been released about the installation, it’s speculated the missile’s sensors are linked to the GPS to give targeting information to the pilot. The missile normally reports to the aircraft’s MFD and gives the pilot a list of radiation emitters, one of which is selected for destruction. In the MiG installation, the tablet and GPS may substitute for the MFD.

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