WestJet has introduced a bottom-tiered economy fare it calls UltraBasic that, among other things, denies participants a carry-on bag. The new fare class, which has unleashed a storm of online backlash, is an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. “UltraBasic has been designed to both expedite the boarding process and provide our most competitive pricing,” the airline told CBC News. Fares are roughly two-thirds of regular prices in the new class and checking a bag will cost $137. UltraBasic passengers who show up at the gate with a checked bag will have it taken away and checked in the baggage compartment for the fee plus a service charge.

UltraBasic passengers are not allowed to pre-select their seats and will be assigned a seat in the back of the plane. They will board last and won’t be able to collect credit card points on the fare. Social media reaction was immediate and caustic, including marketing slogan suggestions like “Give us $600 and also we hate you” and “WestJet: Have you considered not going?”

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